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Limited edition bar. This bar is like drinking a cup of hot chocolate. It is the most chocolatey chocolate that exists. I have a small amount of these bars, most I have been using for my private tastings because it is such a great example of Ecuadorian chocolate and so distinct from Brazilian chocolates. 

This  cacao comes from a family owned and operated  farm -Costa Esmeraldas, a magical place that takes cacao growing and cacao processing very seriously. The bean varieties are Ecuadorian neo-nacional- the harvest, opening of the pods, and start of fermentation happens all the same day. Purchasing chocolate made with these cocoa beans means supporting 40 local jobs and bringing new life to this once eroded farm. 

This cacao has been fermented for 5 days in Cedrela Odorata wooden boxes then sun dried. 

Ingredients: cacao, organic sugar, cocoa butter. 60 grams. 

Gluten free. Soy Free. Dairy Free. 


Ingredientes: cacau, açúcar orgânico, manteiga de cacau. 60 gramas. 

Sem glúten. Sem soja. Sem lactose. 

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