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I received this cacao in 2017 and wanted to wait a little time for it to mellow out. Three years later we are ready to share this chocolate with you. The variety of cacao used for this bar produces an orange colored dark chocolate. With that color also comes some high acidity that is characteristic of this cacao variety - Catongo, a white forastero. And waiting for the cacao to mellow those three years has definitely given it the upper hand. 

I received an award for this chocolate in 2017 from the Academy of Chocolate in London. That awarded chocolate bar was my first Brazilian chocolate to be awarded and was made with cacao from the 2016 harvest.

I have not attempted the batch since, instead decided to hold on to the beans as long as I could. This is batch #2, let us see how you feel about it. :) 


2 Ingredients: cacao Catongo and organic sugar. 60 grams. 

Gluten free. Soy Free. Dairy Free.


2 Ingredientes: cacau Catongo e açúcar orgânico. 60 gramas. 

Sem glúten. Sem Soja. Sem Lactose. 


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