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Curso Chocolate Bean-to-Bar, Vila Olimpia, São Paulo, Brasil

JULHO 2019 (5 dias) 10h às 19h-- informacões: This is an in depth introduction to making small-batch bean to bar chocolate, you will begin by selecting beans, roasting, cracking, winnowing then making your own batch of chocolate. We will also taste many chocolates from different chocolate makers and speak/tour some factories via skype. We will also be visiting Sao Paulo chocolate makers.  This course is for people that are interested in starting to make chocolate.   





Cumbre Mundial del Cacao, Guayaquil, Ecuador.
August 31-September 2, 2015 (First weekend of Sept)


Festival Artesanal de Cacao y Chocolate, Mexico City
Third week of October

Festival de Chocolate y Cacao










Salon Chocolate y Cacao, Mexico City, Mexico
Last week of August


Festival del Chocolate, Villahermoso, Tabasco, Mexico
Last weekend of November


Posada del Cacao, Oaxaca City, Oaxaca, Mexico
Every December
Oaxaca Chocolate & Cacao


Salon del Cacao y Chocolate, Lima, Peru
July 7-10, 2016 (early July)


Chocco Venezuela, Caracas, Venezuela
2nd week of November



Northwest Chocolate Festival, Seattle, Washington, USA
First week of November
Fall Holiday Chocolate Salon, San Francisco, California, USA
3rd weekend of November

San Francisco International Chocolate Salon, San Francisco, California, USA
Every March 

Los Angeles Chocolate Salon, Pasadena, California, USA
Last weekend of September


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São Paulo Chocolate tastings: May 8 + 15 and June 5 **** Chocolate Making Class: August 1-3

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