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Brazil Chocolate & Cacao Week

July 2017

Brazil has an embarrassment of riches for the cacao and chocolate lover. Bahia’s history as the top global producer of cacao has made it a top destination for connoisseurs the world over. Yet Sao Paulo, the largest economy in both Latin America and the Southern Hemisphere, is rapidly becoming the epicenter of all things chocolate. With a gigantic customer base, innovative cuisine, an appreciation for natural and organic food and a backyard full of sugar and cacao, Sao Paulo is set to be the surprise city in the world of chocolate.

In the last year I have seen a strong rise to craft chocolate making, demand of artisanal chocolate and knowledge about real chocolate in Sao Paulo.  We will explore these new makers and get an idea of where this movement is going. In the coming years Brazil will have the strongest bean to bar movement in Latin America.

This will be a chocolate, cacao, and food adventure. We will eat at the best restaurants in Sao Paulo and meet most of the chefs. We will meet expert beer makers, coffee makers and chocolate machine makers.

 We will schedule airport pick, drop off and ground transportation. You will be in charge of grabbing your flight to SP and to Bahia.

Please send me an email if you are interested and I will send you more 


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São Paulo Chocolate tastings: May 8 + 15 and June 5 **** Chocolate Making Class: August 1-3

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