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A limited edition bar to give you a glimpse at the potential of Mexican cacao. I only had a very small amount of cacao to develop this recipe and the first attempt is what became this bar. The cacao comes from the Soconusco region in the state of Chiapas. This cacao variety is Trinitario acriollado, a mix of trinitario and criollo with a small amount of forastero. It was fermented 6 days, then sun dried for 7 days. 

Ingredients: cacao, organic sugar, cocoa butter. 60 grams. 

Gluten free. Soy Free. Dairy Free. 


Ingredientes: cacau, açúcar orgânico, manteiga de cacau. 60 gramas. 

Sem glúten. Sem soja. Sem lactose. 

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Meu carrinho

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