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Mexican Hot Chocolate + Cinnamon Bar - CHOCOLATE FOR DRINKING

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This Mexican hot chocolate bar is for MELTING in milk or water and used for drinking. It is made in the traditional rustic style as chocolate disks, balls, or tablets but in the form of my thin bar which makes it easier to break and melt. It is rough ground which means that it is not smooth or creamy but rather "rough" in texture. Once you melt the bar in milk/water, the roughness dissolves.  

Women of Chiapas Cacao
This chocolate bar was made for you with a lot of love and care 💓 Grown in Chiapas and made in California by a serious consumer of chocolate drinks. This is my favorite way to consume chocolate -cacao, sugar, and cinnamon melted in milk/water. Takes me to my childhood and beyond.

The cacao used in this bar was grown in the coldest, most isolated, wettest, and highest altitude that cacao can grow in Mexico. It is partly fermented and partly “lavado” - the ancient style of preparing cacao for drinks. This area of Chiapas has experienced a heavy migration of men to the big cities or USA, and has left the women to tend to the trees. Follow me on this journey to preserve ancient techniques and native cacao, and to support women producers and indigenous cultures.

To learn everything about what Mexican Hot Chocolate is, please visit my post here. 

Ingredients: Mexican cacao, organic sugar, cinnamon

Makes 2 to 4 cups of chocolate. Use 1/4 to 1/2 of the bar per 1 cup of milk/water. 

Total weight: 60grams

USA orders only. :(

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