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Ecuador 90% | Videri Chocolate

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Winner of a 2014 Good Food Award in the category of chocolate, these 90% dark chocolate bars are made from full-flavored organic Ecuadorian Camino Verde cocoa beans and a pinch of organic cane sugar. These healthy sweet treats have the perfect balance of discipline and indulgence. Our 90% dark chocolate bars are Dairy Free, Gluten Free, and Nut-Free so sensitive stomachs and disciplined dieters can enjoy some chocolatey goodness.

Ingredients: organic cacao nibs, organic cane sugar

Weight: 3oz (This box contains two bars)



Videri Chocolate Factory began as the shared dream of three chocolate lovers, and was founded on three core tenets: quality of product, friendly customer service, and social responsibility.

Their goal is to be a friendly face of gourmet, bean-to-bar chocolate by being a warm and inclusive chocolate factory. 

Videri’s doors are open to anyone and everyone curious about the taste and process of making handmade chocolate. They believe that being in the factory and tasting their chocolate should be just about the happiest and most exciting experience that a chocolate lover can have.


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