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Chocolate Bars

If you live in Brazil and are interested in my chocolate bars email me directly or buy at SweetShop in Higienópolis, São Paulo. If you are in the USA, you can buy at Ronie-Sue Chocolates in NYC or Chocolate Covered in SF. All other chocolates are only sold at my private events and tastings. 

Mission Chocolate works with chocolate makers that care about the quality of their chocolate, the quality of living and fair treatment of cacao farmers, and the quality of the environment. We travel to meet the farmers, to see the communities and to share the chocolate made with those beans. It's humanizing. It's magical to travel to the villages and watch growers taste chocolate for the first time. And it's exciting to watch the farmer react when they see their village or town name on the chocolate bar label. The flavor of chocolate is affected by everyone in the value chain. It begins with the farmer. 

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São Paulo Chocolate tastings: May 8 + 15 and June 5 **** Chocolate Making Class: August 1-3

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