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Cold sweets of NYC -American favorites revisited

Posted on December 12 2013

The great thing about NYC is that new cold desserts pop up endlessly. Some are classics and some are new takes on old ideas.  Below are my favorites in order or preference. 

1. Big Gay Ice Cream. East Village. The sassiest ice cream shop in NYC! I got the Salty Pimp: Sea salt dulce de leche dipped in chocolate! My favorite fun ice cream shop. They offer many options with classic favorites such as the Mexican Affo'gay'to. :)

Big Gay Ice Cream Shop NYC


2. Melt Bakery. Lowe East Side. I grew up eating ice cream sandwiches so it's always a pleasure to see artisan ice cream sandwiches. 2 salty chocolatey chewy cookies and one scoop of ice cream for $4 is a great deal. 

Melt Bakery NYC


3. The Good Batch.  You have to search for these kids around NYC but when you find them it's worth it. These are ice cream sandwiches taken to the next level. They use soft cookies, thin waffles, flattened coconut macaroons and other creations as the cookie and the ice flavors change with the season.  They are opening a Brooklyn location summer 2014.


4. La Newyorkina. I bought her book "My Sweet Mexico" a few years back and have been following her ever since. You can find her pops in several places around the city. I buy mine at Roni-Sues Chocolate Shop in the Lower East Side on Forsyth.   If you want this chamoyada you have to visit the Brooklyn Smorgasburg on Saturday or make the trek to her production lab in Red Hook, Brooklyn any day of the week.  This treat is not for everyone. It has a lot of chili. But we Mexicans love it! Happy to see it in NYC. She also has ice creams, the one below is a tres leches ice cream on a mini cone.

La Newyorkina


5. Rice to Riches. SoHo. Rice pudding or arroz con leche is a very Latin American dessert consumed both cold and hot depending which country makes it. Rice to Riches has the classic vanilla, cinnamon or coconut but also rum raisin, tiramisu, hazelnut and son on. 

Rice to Riches NYC


6. Il Laboratorio de Gelato in the Lower East Side. There is always a line here and with good reason this 12 year old gelateria always has great flavor options and always has a Latin flavor. This time around I spotted Mexican Cinnamon.


7. Peoples Pops. These are the pioneers of the modern pops in NYC. I always catch them at the Brooklyn Smorgasburg but you can find them all over the city. They bring local seasonal flavors to their pops and have also started making shaved ice. YUM

Peoples pops


8. Ice Riders NYC. These guys make shaved ice using a bicycle and that's cool on it's own. They also have tamarind which is a very popular Mexican flavor. Someone should tell them to add chamoy and they would  have every Mexican buying from them.

 Ice Riders


9. Morgenstern's Finest Ice Cream. When you want classic with different this place is it. Some ingredients here that you won't see anywhere else: Japanese white bread, meringue, chia pudding, peanut sauce, jimmies, Vietnamese coffee, pickled pineapple.  I had the burnt honey vanilla. It was before my workout so I figured honey was better than sugar :)


For pastries of NYC view my post here.     

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