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Posted on March 20 2014

Persimmon-ita is a light, refreshing, easy to make seasonal agua fresca/cocktail. I have several trees that each produce about 400 persimmons. Many spoil on the tree because we can’t possibly consume them all. And I haven’t been able to successfully preserve them. Before we allow them to spoil we do fill our refrigerators with as many as possible. They keep very well and I have eaten them for up to 6 weeks after harvesting.

persimmon cocktail

persimmon cocktail

persimmon cocktail

My favorite way to enjoy a persimmon is fresh off the tree with lime, salt and chili flakes. My second favorite way is lime, salt and tequila.

I tried different ways of pureeing the persimmons and I found that the best method is blending. When I passed it through the juicer it created a very thick glob of persimmon; I expected juice but the entire fruit was pureed. It was too thick for my persimmon-ita. Blended and strained is the best option. I also tried this with mezcal with great success but you can also make this a mojito of some sort and yes, keep the mint. 

Persimmon-ita Recipe

  • 1 persimmon (makes 2 -8oz drinks)
  • 2 cups of water
  • 1 lime
  • 5 mint leaves
  • Tequila, mezcal or rum -alcohol optional
  1. Cut persimmon into pieces and blend with water. Strain and pour over ice. Squeeze lime. Garnish with mint leaves. 
  2. I made mine with tequila, so naturally I first dipped the glass in salt. 


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